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In her most successful decade, the actor talks family, ‘surrealist’ politics and the perils of marrying James Bond.

Rachel Weisz stands in the doorway of a cafe in downtown New York, adjusting to the gloom from the brightness outside. We are in the East Village, a formerly bohemian part of town long since gentrified, although, as I note to her as she sits down, the park at the end of the street still seems to host a few local eccentrics. “Yes,” she smiles, fishing in her bag for her glasses. “It’s not all bankers.”

The 47-year-old lives around the corner and, in spite of her wealth, fame and marriage to Daniel Craig, gives the impression of living a life somewhat in line with the low-maintenance neighbourhood. This morning, Weisz dropped off Henry, her 10-year‑old son, at school, went to yoga, caught up on emails, and tonight she is taking Henry to the theatre. She is trying to get people together on Sunday for a roast dinner.

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