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Rachel Weisz (Youth) talks to Vanity Fair’s Krista Smith about the night she won an Oscar eight months pregnant, why she doesn’t take advice, and the fearlessness of youth.

British actress Rachel Weisz starred in the hit Sam Raimi movie Oz the Great and Powerful and she has spoken about her role in the film. Rachel has revealed exactly what it is that made her agree to play the role of the witch Evanora, admitting that she loved the strong female character. Weisz explained, “I had total freedom. Although obviously there’s a script, there were words that she had to say and that’s why I wanted to play her because I liked her, how she was written in black and white. Sam’s got a very strong wife. I think he likes women in a very good way and so did (Oz author) L. Frank Baum.” She added, “I haven’t read all the books but I know he was part of the suffrage movement and he wrote these incredible characters for women over 100 years ago. There’s a whole bunch of girl characters who are extraordinary and powerful. Not only did he write powerful women, he wrote women with powers.” Oz the Great and Powerful was made on a budget of $215m, before managing to rake in an impressive $490m at the box office. There has been talk of an Oz the Great and Powerful sequel being made, with the majority of the cast admitting that they would love to return, while director Sam Raimi says that he would had the reigns over to someone else.

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