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Imagine, for a second, that you’re a famous actor: award-winning, at the top of your game, and free to choose any role you please. Sitting on your veranda, contemplating a martini and the sunset, you get a call from your agent concerning a potential role. Here are the details:

1. You would play the mother of a missing baby girl who, unbeknownst to you, washes ashore on a remote island, where a lighthouse keeper and his wife, desperate for a child following two miscarriages, take the infant and raise it as their own.

2. You wouldn’t enter the movie until about halfway through, by which point the audience would have already bonded with the lighthouse keeper and his wife, who are doting parents and also, by the way, will both be played by beautiful, charismatic movie stars who, by the way, are dating in real life, adorably.

3. You would have to cry a lot — like, a lot.

4. You would have to wear this hat.

Would you take this challenging, unfairly antagonistic role, which would pay you the dividends of a supporting part for the effort of a lead? Because Rachel Weisz did for The Light Between Oceans, and she knocked it out of the damn park.

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Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz made their joint Broadway debut playing a married couple in Betrayal on Tuesday. 

But thankfully their real life marriage doesn’t follow the same pattern as that of the protagonists of Harold Pinter’s 1978 play, which is being staged at the Ethel Barrymore Theater.

The production uses reverse chronology to examine the dynamics of a seven-year clandestine relationship of the wife (Weisz) of a London publisher (Craig) with his best friend and literary agent (Rafe Spall), who is also married.

And after months of rehearsals, both Daniel and Rachel had proud smiles on their faces as they took their closing bow after their first performance was over.

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As a rule, I hate blanket statements and every single person who makes them, but I’m about to briefly join that populace as I say: there has never been and shall never be a Hollywood couple more private than Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz. These two speak about each other to the media so infrequently that I’m not even 100% convinced that they know they’re married to each other.

Whereas most celebrities say they want to live outside the glare of the media but make absolutely no adjustments in their life to try to make that a reality, Daniel and Rachel are seriously putting their money where their mouths are. Except I don’t even know where their mouths are, because they open them so rarely to talk.

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Rachel Weisz stole the show from her co-stars Michelle Williams and Mila Kunis as she hit the red carpet in Hollywood last night – with a little help from Victoria Beckham.
The British actress added a much-needed dash of colour-pop to the Oz The Great & Powerful premiere, stepping out in a bright orange floor-sweeping gown from Victoria Beckham’s collection.

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I just added scans taken from ‘In Style’ magazine march 2013 issue. It is one of Rachel’s newest sessions. They are in HQ. They come from here.


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