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Rachel Weisz is put on trial along with history itself in the new courtroom drama Denial.

The Mick Jackson-directed film finds her playing American historian Deborah E. Lipstadt, who was sued for libel for calling British writer David Irving a Holocaust denier in a 1993 book. Because the burden of proof is on the defendant in English libel cases, it’s up to Lipstadt and her legal team to disprove Irving’s claims that the Holocaust never happened.

In a recent video interview with EW, Weisz talked about spending time with Lipstadt, whose voice and demeanor provided a point of entry into the role.

“The thing about Deborah that really helped me unlock her spirit and her character is her accent, strangely,” Weisz said. “She’s from Queens, New York, and she’s very much on the front foot. She says what she thinks.”

The Oscar-winner continued, “As a British person, we tend to not say what we really feel, and hide our feelings away, and speak in subtext and stuff. So the thing that unlocked the character for me was spending time with her.”

Jackson added that he likes to pair actors with their real-life counterparts when possible, in order to “see what osmosis happens between the two, and what the actress picks up, and what gets fed back into the performance.”

Denial opens today. Watch the interview with Weisz, Jackson, and more above.

SOURCE: ew.com

You know her as the Oscar-winning British actress whose choice of characters on screen are as much of a brilliant display of artistry as they are compelling. From her role in ‘The Constant Gardner’ in 2005 where she took home the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, a Golden Globe and a SAG Award, to the quirky comedy ‘About A Boy’ opposite Jude Law, and even looking ahead to her forthcoming film ‘Denial’, where she plays historian Deborah Lipstadt, who was sued by fellow historian David Irving after she accused him of being a Holocaust denier.

There is no mistaking Rachel Weisz as one of the most talented artists of our generation. And it should also be no surprise that the roles she takes comes from a desire to be part of the growing movement of women in Hollywood who are demanding female characters not just be written or created as an afterthought or side-piece.

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To celebrate the publication of John le Carré’s first memoir The Pigeon Tunnel this month, actor Rachel Weisz reads from the author’s 2001 novel The Constant Gardener. Weisz won an Oscar for her role in the 2006 film adaptation